Express check-in

Check-in lasts less than 5 minutes. The guest must have a passport, sign the guest card and pay for accommodation.

Safety and security

Use the intercom to enter the hotel first time. After registration, guests are given a personal electronic key to enter the hotel. There is a system of fire safety and security and a video surveillance system in common areas. Each room has a personal safe.

24 hour reception

The reception is open around the clock.


Free wifi throughout the hotel

Copier, scanning and sending documents

Guests can use this service at the reception.

Drinking water

Each apartment has a water filtration system.



Breakfast is daily from 08:00 to 10:00 Cost: 300 rub

Additional Products

Slippers, dental sets Cost: 50 rub

Laundry service

Guests can wash and dry their clothes without leaving the hotel.
Cost: 300 rub

Extra bed

Cost: 1000 rub.

Baby cot

Cost: 900 rub.